Natural Hair Growth

Thick, lustrous and healthy. Do these words describe the hair on your head? Most women and even men would like to say yes. Having a healthy head of hair not only attracts but speaks mountains about us just by a glance. The market is flooded with products to help all individuals retain, enhance and produce hair, in the right areas of course! Some of these products cost a fortune and may work, although many do not. However what if I told you that in three easy all natural and organic steps you could enhance the health, thickness and luster of your hair? Yes three organic ways that will not cost you a fortune. They simply adjust your diet slightly, how you clean and care for your hair.

Beautiful young woman looking in the mirrorThough hair is not living, what you put into your body can deeply affect how healthy your hair is when it does grow. If you are struggling with hair loss, analyzing what you are eating is very important. The biomaterial that composes your hair is made up of protein, primarily keratin. So this leads to the question, are you getting enough protein in your diet? Red meat, beans, eggs, nuts, fish and legumes are some of the healthiest proteins one can eat that your hair will love. By adding additional protein to your diet daily you can be confident to see a difference in the abundance and health of your hair.

Next, would be how you clean your hair. Stripping your hair of the needed oils that keep it hydrated doesn’t encourage growth. Is it possible to not wash your hair every single day? Also important to examine is the shampoo and conditioner you use. Not all shampoo is the same. Primarily make sure that your shampoo is sulfate free. The sulfates strip your hair of their natural oils that encourage it to grow. Of course no one wants to have a greasy head of hair, but by using you a sulfate-free shampoo you are cleansing your hair without stripping it of its luster and thickness.

Finally, it is to be noted that stimulating the hair follicles on your scalp encourage hair to grow. It is important to give yourself a good scalp massage every day. Not only does this encourage blood circulation to your scalp but also encourages the growth of new hairs which adds to its thickness. Something to encourage hair growth also when doing the scalp massage is to put a few drops of either tea tree or peppermint essential oil on your finger tips to rub into your scalp. This accomplishes the same thing as the massage by encouraging circulation to your scalp. It’s natural, healthy and smells refreshing.

Yes, we all want that beautiful head of hair that is healthy, lustrous and thick. But by eating more protein in our diet you can ensure that our hair has the nutrients it needs to grow. When cleaning your hair with sulfide free shampoo you are preventing our hair from being stripped by the oils it needs to stay hydrated and healthy. Then by stimulating circulation to your scalp we are encouraging new growth. With these easy, organic tips you are sure to see a difference!

Tips for Growing Thicker Hair

If you are like many people, you want to have thick, lush hair. The problem many people run into is that they do not know the best way to accomplish this. Having thick hair is something that will take a change of thinking on your part. You will need to look at both the internal and external influences on the growth of your hair.

Spoon With Dietary Supplements On Fruits BackgroundTo begin with, you need to make certain you drink plenty of water. While this will benefit every aspect of your body, it will also help your hair. Water will help to flush away the excess toxins in your body. This reduces how many of them will have to be shed in other ways, including through the cells in your hair follicle responsible for the creation of your hair. Additionally, if your scalp is well hydrated, you are less prone to dry scalp, which can leach the natural moisturizers away from your hair.

You also need to consider the temperature of your water when you wash your hair. Excessive heat can strip your hair of moisture and necessary natural oils. Though the hot steaming shower may feel good in the moment, it can leave your hair limp and lifeless. Think of the temperature the beauty salon uses to wash your hair. Do not go any higher than that if you want to keep your hair healthy.

In addition, you do not need to wash your hair every single day. Though this may seem strange at first, you need to allow your body time to replenish the natural oils that are there to protect your hair and scalp. If you feel uncomfortable, consider styling your hair in an up-do on the alternate days where it is not washed. It is unlikely that anybody will notice a difference.

Using an intensive moisturizer once or twice each week will help to keep the hair shaft strong and the scalp healthy. Once is fine most of the time. However, during extremely cold months you may find two treatments each week to be preferable. Pay attention to your hair and how it responds to make the right determination for you.

Treat your hair gently to help it grow out thick and strong. Do not brush while it is wet. Additionally, do not apply a great deal of pressure when towel drying your hair. Harsh treatment, especially while your hair is in a weakened state from being wet, can increase the risk of breakage and may even stretch the individual strands out, leaving your hair patchy and uneven.

Minimize your use of styling tools. Hairdryers and styling tools all work through the use of heat. It will dry out your hair and damage the hair shaft. Try to allow your hair to air dry and, if you want curls, use products that will promote curls while your hair is drying naturally.

You also want to consider the foods you eat and the supplements you take. There are some vitamins and minerals that are known to promote healthy hair. By incorporating appropriate amounts of them into your diet, you ensure that you hair has the proper nutrition to grow properly. Biotin is one such product. It promotes elasticity and will keep your hair strong. You can take a supplement or eat a diet rich in lentils and oats. Several servings each week of biotin rich foods should be adequate to strengthen your hair. As an added bonus, biotin reduces the risk of your hair turning gray.

Another supplement to consider include Vitamin E, which is known to improve the health of hair, nails, and skin. The antioxidant powers will help to keep the cells in your scalp properly oxygenated and your hair soft and thick. The best sources for it are nuts and beans.

When you are looking at ways to increase the health of your hair, you must consider the way you treat it, including the products you use. Make certain to use high quality ingredients and to nourish your hair from the inside and outside. The more of these methods you incorporate into your hair care routine, the more quickly you will notice the results of thicker hair.

Hair Essentials – The Ultimate Hair Remedy For Beautiful Hair

Hair Essentials will help you regain your confidence by growing beautiful hair that you would love to show off. This ultimate remedy for luscious hair growth works fast to restore thicker fuller hair. Hair Essentials guarantees new hair growth with a 90 day, money back guarantee.

It is recommended that you take a three month program of Hair Essentials for the best results. One bottle contains 90 vegetable capsules, equivalent to one month’s supply. Buy three bottles for a three month supply and save a huge 30% on your purchase.

Chinese Herbs by Carmen Rodriguez NSP, on FlickrThe many benefits of Hair Essentials include:

– The repair of damaged follicles
– Stimulation of new hair growth
– Promotion of thicker and fuller hair growth
– Accelerated hair growth
– Formulated by doctors to be 100% drug free
– Certified to be gluten free
– Effective on all hair types
– 100% Natural vegetarian
– Proprietary non-GMO blend
– More than twenty vitamins, herbs, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids

Hair Essentials contains the following ingredients of essential nutrients to support beautiful hair:

1. Saw Palmetto Berry – to maintain healthy and active hair follicles
2. Fo-Ti Zhi fruit – an Ayruvidic remedy with anti-oxidant ingredients for healthy bloods circulation and nutrient delivery to the scalp.
3. Han Lian Cao – supports overall vitality to prevent premature hair graying.
4. Bamboo stem extract with 70% Silica – nature’s beauty mineral to improve strength, texture and provide sheen to the hair.
5. Horsetail – stem extract builds strong teeth, bone and hair by improvement of calcium assimilation.
6. Milk Thistle seed – to preserve the health of hair follicles.
7. Rice Bran – rich in oleic acid promotes strong hair growth and prevents split ends.
8. White Tea Leaf extract – potent anti-oxidants to protect hair follicles against damage and promotes healthy hair growth.
9. Borage Oil – a rich source of GLA moisturizes and relieves dry and itchy scalp from excess sebum.
10. Flaxseed Oil – rich in Omega 3 to maintain healthy hair follicles and increase water retention.
11. Black Pepper extract – stimulates hair re-growth and enhances the synergistic benefits of Hair Essential ingredients.
12. MSM – a source of sulfur, which is a component of collagen to support the structural integrity of the hair shaft.
13. L-Cysteine essential amino acids – increases hair density.
14. L-Methionine – to encourage new hair growth.
15. Vitamin A – from beta carotene to protect hair from free radicals.
16. Vitamin C – to protect hair follicles from free radical damage.
17. Vitamin E – to protect the hair from oxidative stress.
18. Biotin – A form of Vitamin B to prevent hair loss or alopecia.
19. Iodine from Kelp – to promote new hair growth.
20. Selenium – a powerful anti-oxidant.
21. Zinc – to prevent hair loss and dandruff.

The wisdom and knowledge of herbal systems, preserved and refined over thousands of years from traditional Chinese and Ayuvedic medicine, is combined with scientific and contemporary methods to create this ultimate Hair Essential hair remedy.