Organic Hair Care for Health and Well Being

People are becoming much more aware of the negative effects that chemicals can have on the body, and sales of organic products have never been higher. But it is not just important to limit how many unnatural chemicals are in the food you eat – you must be careful about what you put on your hair and skin as well. Fortunately, manufacturers have responded to this increase in demand with a growing range of organic hair care products.

How To Choose The Best Organic Shampoo And Conditioner

Organic shampoos and conditioners offer a healthy and safe option for maintaining shiny, luxurious locks. They are carefully formulated from herb and plant extracts which are known to have benefits for the hair and the scalp. These benefits include:

* Stimulating hair growth. Certain plant extracts are linked with promoting healthy hair growth, as they stimulate the hair follicles.

* Improving the condition of the hair and scalp. Ingredients are picked which are moisturizing and which will then lock in this moisture to prevent the hair from becoming dry and frizzy.

* Products are non-allergenic. Although a very small number of people may still experience mild reactions and discomfort, such a reaction is rare when it comes to natural shampoos. Organic products are far more gentle than chemical based hair care products, and can be an excellent choice for people who have a sensitive scalp or skin which is prone to allergic reactions.

* Pleasant aromas. After making a switch from chemical based products to organic shampoo, many people find that they prefer the subtle, natural aromas to the synthetic scents from a regular shampoo.

* Better for the environment. Natural hair care products are usually created in a more ethical way which reflects the values of their target buyer, and are more likely to use bio-degradable materials.

How To Choose An Organic Shampoo

Choosing the best shampoo or conditioner for your needs and hair type is always a matter of trial and error, whether you are using a natural product or a synthetic one. This is because different peoples’ hair will respond uniquely to the same formulation. However, there are some pointers which will increase the likelihood of choosing a shampoo which works well for your hair.

It is also important to be aware that product labels can be misleading. Just because a hair care product calls itself “natural” does not mean it is organic – it might actually contain numerous harmful chemicals. As a general rule, a good quality organic shampoo will not have a long list of ingredients. Try to look for a shampoo which has a maximum of nine ingredients, and which includes some of the following ingredients in the formulation:

* Aloe Vera. This is naturally moisturizing, and is a popular ingredient in organic skin and hair care products.

* Coconut Oil. This oil has been proven in laboratory studies to improve the condition of the scalp. Some people believe that this helps to stimulate the hair follicles and enhance hair growth.

* Organic Shea Butter. This will smooth the surface of the hair, giving it a natural, healthy shine.

* Beta Glucan. This ingredient has soothing qualities, which can calm an itchy, flaky scalp. It is an excellent ingredient to look for if you suffer from dandruff.

* Tea Tree Oil. Many people are aware that this is a natural antiseptic. It will improve the health of your scalp and soothe any irritation.

As we mentioned earlier in the article, some products label themselves as being natural even though they contain chemicals which can be potentially harmful to the body. Therefore, it is important to also be familiar with the names of synthetic chemicals which may also be used in the shampoo. You should avoid these if you are looking for a good quality organic product.

* Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

* Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate

* Lauryl alcohol derivatives

* Mureth Sulphate

* Propylene Glycol

* Olefin Sulfonate

Using an organic shampoo and conditioner can help to repair some of the damage done to your hair by chemical based products over the years. If you want to keep your hair in great condition, then it is worth investing money in the best natural hair care products which you can afford.