Supplements For Hair Growth that Works

You may be having thin hair from young age, or else, may have lost the fullness of your hair due to aging. No matter what the reason is for your hair loss, back combing and volumizers cannot do much in improving the volume of your hair. There are more and more men and women turning to hair growth supplements, in order to give a boost to the hair roots from the inside. Oral treatments and certain vitamins are recommended by most experts to naturally re-grow your hair. There are so many hair growth supplements out there promising you gorgeous hair. But can all these supplements stick to their promise? This article will highlight some of the most effective hair growth supplements in the market today.

February 5, 2014 by osseous, on Flickr1. Viviscal – Vivisca is a Scandinavian hair growth supplement containing silica (horsetail plant extract), fish protein and vitamin C. This is the only supplement recommended by the celebrity dermatologist in New York, Doris Day, M.D. It helps to maintain the thickness of the hair and stimulates the re-growth process. You need to take it twice a day for the first three months and then onward once a day.

2. Biotin – Biotin is said to improve thinning of the hair and brittle nails. It is a part of the vitamin B complex. Biotin is water soluble and your body would excrete it when not needed. Hence most experts recommend this product for hair growth. Biotin doesn’t have any side effects too.

3. Vitamin D – Vitamin D is helpful to regulate a number of your body functions. Latest research has shown it to be an important part in hair growth too. The vitamin D receptor helps in regulating your hair cycle; says dermatologist Paradi Mirmirani, M.D., from the Permanente Medical Facility in California. It is very difficult to fulfill the daily intake of vitamin D by exposing yourself to sunshine. Hence a supplement is recommended in this regard.

4. Vitamin A – Vitamin A is an antioxidant generally used in most of the hair, nail and skin supplements due to its skin regeneration abilities. Vitamin A should not be taken in exceeded doses due to side effects such as fatigue and nausea. But taking the recommended daily dosage can help in hair re-growth.

The above mentioned are some of the best hair growth supplements that works well right now.