Do Hair Regrowth Products Really Make Your Hair Grow Back?

People who experience hair loss often turn to hair regrowth products in order to make their hair grow back. But do these products really work? Well, that really depends on several factors, including the product’s ingredients, the body’s response to those ingredients, and the underlying causes of the hair loss.

Roger’s Hair Loss 1 by roger_mommaerts, on Flickr

There are many hair regrowth products, however, only very few of them are “legitimate” products. By legitimate, we do mean that its ingredients have been proven in different studies to stimulate hair growth. Thus, whatever you do, you should always look at the list of ingredients BEFORE buying any product, and find studies that prove or disprove their effectiveness.You should know, however, that hair loss products only work on hair follicles and the surrounding areas. They don’t go to the root cause of hair loss. What causes hair loss anyway?

There are many people who blame stress as a contributing factor to hair loss, especially rapid hair loss. However, most doctors agree that blaming stress for a balding is ridiculous, unless if that stress is strong enough to cause real physiological stress and affect the hormones responsible for hair growth.If an ongoing divorce is causing you to lose sleep and lose fifteen pounds, that emotional stress is strong enough to cause physiological disturbance, however the hair loss would be caused by the lack of sleep and the weight loss, not the emotional stress itself.

Other factors that could cause hair loss-inducing physiological stress include lower estrogen levels after childbirth, severe infections and illnesses, and major surgery. Hair loss could also caused by too much Vitamin A, Vitamin D deficiency. Thyroid problems could also affect your body’s ability to grow hair back. Also, for your information, hair loss is actually a symptom of 30 diseases.

If you’re experiencing rapid hair loss, you should go see your doctor to check and correct the underlying physiological cause. Oftentimes, when you address the root cause, hair grows back naturally. If yours is a stress-related issue, you will need to look back nine months to pinpoint what’s causing you to lose hair.

However, if what you have is gradual hair loss, it might be that your scalp just needs some tender loving care and a few naturally-occurring chemicals to get its groove back. To this end, you can use hair regrowth products. As we said earlier, before trying out any product, check the active ingredients and check for proof (in the form of clinical studies) that those ingredients indeed work.

If you want, work with a hair doctor to determine which products would be best to use in order to grow your hair back. When using hair loss treatments, it’s very important to keep yourself healthy and free of stress so that your body responds well to them. Remember, ultimately it’s your body that decides if it’s going to assimilate the hair treatments you introduce to it.

In men, hair loss is caused by hormones called androgens AND genetic pre-disposition to baldness. In this case, the man is genetically predisposed to be sensitive to changing hormonal activities in your scalp. When certain follicles become sensitive to hormones, the body starts to reject them.

Only two kinds of treatments will work in this case, hormone blockers and growth stimulants. Hormone blockers address the sensitivity to hormones while growth stimulants excite the follicles to grow hair.

As you can see from above, there is no cookie-cutter approach to hair loss. You will need to identify the underlying causes before you can expect for your hair to grow again.