Hair Essentials – The Ultimate Hair Remedy For Beautiful Hair

Hair Essentials will help you regain your confidence by growing beautiful hair that you would love to show off. This ultimate remedy for luscious hair growth works fast to restore thicker fuller hair. Hair Essentials guarantees new hair growth with a 90 day, money back guarantee.

It is recommended that you take a three month program of Hair Essentials for the best results. One bottle contains 90 vegetable capsules, equivalent to one month’s supply. Buy three bottles for a three month supply and save a huge 30% on your purchase.

The many benefits of Hair Essentials include:

– The repair of damaged follicles
– Stimulation of new hair growth
– Promotion of thicker and fuller hair growth
– Accelerated hair growth
– Formulated by doctors to be 100% drug free
– Certified to be gluten free
– Effective on all hair types
– 100% Natural vegetarian
– Proprietary non-GMO blend
– More than twenty vitamins, herbs, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids

Hair Essentials contains the following ingredients of essential nutrients to support beautiful hair:

1. Saw Palmetto Berry – to maintain healthy and active hair follicles
2. Fo-Ti Zhi fruit – an Ayruvidic remedy with anti-oxidant ingredients for healthy bloods circulation and nutrient delivery to the scalp.
3. Han Lian Cao – supports overall vitality to prevent premature hair graying.
4. Bamboo stem extract with 70% Silica – nature’s beauty mineral to improve strength, texture and provide sheen to the hair.
5. Horsetail – stem extract builds strong teeth, bone and hair by improvement of calcium assimilation.
6. Milk Thistle seed – to preserve the health of hair follicles.
7. Rice Bran – rich in oleic acid promotes strong hair growth and prevents split ends.
8. White Tea Leaf extract – potent anti-oxidants to protect hair follicles against damage and promotes healthy hair growth.
9. Borage Oil – a rich source of GLA moisturizes and relieves dry and itchy scalp from excess sebum.
10. Flaxseed Oil – rich in Omega 3 to maintain healthy hair follicles and increase water retention.
11. Black Pepper extract – stimulates hair re-growth and enhances the synergistic benefits of Hair Essential ingredients.
12. MSM – a source of sulfur, which is a component of collagen to support the structural integrity of the hair shaft.
13. L-Cysteine essential amino acids – increases hair density.
14. L-Methionine – to encourage new hair growth.
15. Vitamin A – from beta carotene to protect hair from free radicals.
16. Vitamin C – to protect hair follicles from free radical damage.
17. Vitamin E – to protect the hair from oxidative stress.
18. Biotin – A form of Vitamin B to prevent hair loss or alopecia.
19. Iodine from Kelp – to promote new hair growth.
20. Selenium – a powerful anti-oxidant.
21. Zinc – to prevent hair loss and dandruff.

The wisdom and knowledge of herbal systems, preserved and refined over thousands of years from traditional Chinese and Ayuvedic medicine, is combined with scientific and contemporary methods to create this ultimate Hair Essential hair remedy.

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