Top Foods For Hair Health

Keeping your hair healthy is more than just using the right hair products. You have to keep your hair healthy from the inside out. That means eating well. A lot of people assume that their hair health is dictated by using expensive products on their hair. The truth is, your hair health is going to be mostly dictated by the vitamins and minerals that you provide your entire body. If you eat a well balanced and nutritious diet, you will be giving your hair a fighting chance to fight the environmental elements and genetics. Below we will discuss some of the top foods to eat for hair health.

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Top Foods To Eat For Hair Health:

1. Salmon.

Salmon is one of the most healthy and nutritious foods that you can eat to improve hair health. Salmon is an excellent source of protein to eat for hair health because it contains tons of good fats (Omega 3). Your body cannot create good fats out of thin air, therefore, it is necessary to consume these fats in sufficient quantity for heart and hair health. About 3 percent of your hair shaft is made of these essential fatty acids. Therefore, it is extremely important to get enough in your daily diet.

If you do not like to consume or eat fish, there are always other ways to get this essential fatty acid into your diet. Such as; salmon supplements and fish oil supplements. You simply take a pill once or twice a day , and you can get the essential fatty acids into your diet.

2. Sweet Potatoes.

Sweet Potatoes are an excellent food to consume for hair health. The reason why sweet potatoes are such a good food is because they contain large amounts of beta-carotene and tons of antioxidants. The carotene that the sweet potato is full of converts to vitamin A within the body. Vitamin A is essential for hair health because it helps protect the scalp and also aids in the production of oils that help sustain a healthy scalp environment. Without these oils, the scalp will become dry, itchy, and create an environment unsuitable for hair growth.

3. Eggs.

Eggs are fantastic food for hair health. Eggs contain tons of protein. But the real benefit of the eggs come in the minerals that it includes. Eggs contain; zinc, selenium, sulfur, and iron. All of these minerals are essential for healthy hair. Iron is especially important as it helps cells carry oxygen to individual hair follicles. Having too little iron in the body is one of the main causes of hair loss amongst women.

4. Greek Yogurt.

Greek Yogurt is a great food for hair health because it contains tons of hair friendly protein and vitamin b5 and vitamin d. All of these are essential for great hair health. Vitamin D helps the body maintain a stable hormone balance. This is ultimately going to help hair health because the stress levels , and other hormones that can affect hair growth will not be negatively impacted.

5. Walnuts.

Walnuts are another great food for keeping your hair healthy. The reason why walnuts are so special is because they contain a ton of omega 3 nutrients. As we noted previously, omega 3 nutrients are essential for the body to produce healthy hair. Another key to walnuts being so good for hair is their inclusion of biotin and vitamin e. Both of these vitamins help protect cells from DNA damage. This also helps protect your hair from the sun. The body having too little biotin will ultimately result in hair loss. Therefore, getting biotin in the form of walnuts can benefit hair health directly and immediately. Not to mention, walnuts contain a ton of copper which can help keep the hair rich in color and lustrous.

Finally, when you are trying to eat for hair health, you are going to want to consume the foods listed above. All of the foods mentioned are beneficial for hair growth and maintaining healthy hair. It would be wise to include the above listed food items into your daily diet if you are trying to eat for hair health and hair growth.