Which Vitamins Are Necessary For Beautiful Hair?

wholesome hairHair is the crowning glory of a beautiful woman and all women desire beautiful hair. The health and beauty of your hair depend to a large extent on whether your body is getting the right amount of nutrients. Below is a list of vitamins and minerals that are essential to a healthy diet, specifically to enhance the beauty of your hair.

• Vitamin B, Folate and Biotin
• Vitamin C
• Vitamin A
• Iron

1. Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Biotin and Folate

Vitamin B and Biotin help create red blood cells and are responsible for supplying oxygen to the blood, which would literally become starved of oxygen without Vitamin B. It is therefore an essential vitamin to include in your diet if you would like to have beautiful hair.

Vitamin B, Biotin and Folate can be found in the following fruits and vegetables:

– Broccoli
– Brussels sprouts
– Peppers
– Winter squash
– Sweet Potatoes
– Carrots
– Chinese cabbage
– Corn
– Apricots
– Bananas
– Watermelon
– Strawberries

Vitamin B can also be found in lean beef, chicken, pork and seafood as well as in other foods containing protein such as eggs, tofu and dairy products.

Other foods rich in Vitamin B and Folate are lentils, soybeans, sunflower seeds, all types of dried beans, whole grain breads and cereals, sunflower seeds, black eyed peas and wheat germ.

2. Iron

Iron is contained in protein rich foods and helps red blood cells to transport oxygen to the blood cells for healthy cell growth. Healthy diets may provide enough protein, but lack sufficient iron, especially vegetarian diets. Iron is mostly contained in meat products, but other foods high in iron are:

– Spinach
– Asparagus
– Lentils
– Soybeans
– Kale
– Broccoli
– Brussels Sprouts
– Swiss Chard
– Mustard Greens
– Whole Wheat cereals and breads
– Dry beans
– Black eyed peas

3. Vitamin C

Healthy hair needs collagen and Vitamin C helps build collagen, a structural fiber that keeps blood vessels, skin and hair follicles healthy.

Vitamin C can be found in the following fruits and vegetables:

– Kale
– Cauliflower
– Tomatoes
– Cabbage
– Kohlrabi
– Mustard greens
– Summer squash
– Chili peppers
– Bell peppers
– Grapefruit
– Lemons
– Mangoes
– Black berries
– Tangerines
– Clementine
– Watermelon
– Kidney beans

4. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential to cell growth and particularly beneficial to skin and hair. Beta Carotene is converted into Vitamin A in our bodies. An excess of Vitamin A can be harmful and should only be taken through natural food sources, rather than supplements.

This vitamin can be found naturally in the following fruits and vegetables:

– Pumpkin
– Carrots
– Apricots
– Butternut
– Swiss chard
– Collard greens
– Lettuce
– Spinach
– Tomatoes
– Guava
– Cantaloupe
– Grapefruit
– Asparagus
– Sweet potatoes.

Eating a variety of the above mentioned foods will ensure that your diet contains the essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy body and for healthy and beautiful hair.