4 Great Tips On Helping To Regrow Hair Naturally

head massage

Since the dawn of time, both men and women have been struggling with the loss of hair. The medical term the doctors use to describe hair loss is alopecia, and they’re basically two types, male pattern baldness and female baldness. In men, male pattern baldness is usually caused by excess of a chemical in the blood called DHT which begins to increase shortly after puberty. How much DHT you have in your bloodstream is largely caused by hereditary, meaning it’s in your genes. It is possible to have hair loss that is caused by other reasons, so it’s important to contact a medical professional for a consultation before you make any assumptions. In females this is especially so, as there are fewer hereditary reasons for their hair loss, so it is important to know exactly what the cause is in order to look for a remedy. So what are some of the all-natural remedies that you can use to help restore your hair to its original state?

If restoring your hair to its original condition of full a natural growth there some ways you can help encourage that in a natural and easy way, let’s go over some of those ways right now.

1. One of the easiest things you can do to help encourage blood flow to the hair follicles is do a scalp massage twice a day for just a few minutes each time. Be sure and use your fingers and not your fingernails, start in one area and massage completely before you move on to the next area, until you’ve completely massaged your complete scalp. Increasing the blood flow to your hair follicles brings necessary nutrients, and vitamins, while helping the blood also take away toxins.

2. Another great natural cleaner that helps restore the pH of your hair and scalp is lemon juice mixed with water. The natural acidity of lemon juice helps to clean deep down into the pores to remove oil and blockages to keep your hair follicles breathing better. Lemon juice is also quite effective in killing bacteria and fungi that can infect your skin and cause hair loss. Mix the juice of one lemon into one cup of water and gently massage into your scalp, allow this to sit for 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. You should notice an obvious difference in the look and feel of your skin and hair nearly immediately.

3. Olive oil is another great, all-natural, hair growth stimulator. After you’ve cleaned your scalp quite thoroughly to remove excess oil, then take a small amount of olive oil and massage it down into the roots of your hair. Olive oil has natural antioxidants and the ability to help the hair follicles grow healthy and strong deep within your scalp without being blocked by excess oil secreted by your own glands in the skin. Many times your own oil will form plugs that block the openings in the skin for the new hair follicles to grow through, and olive oil is excellent for treating this condition.

4. Aloe Vera has been used for centuries by native Americans for everything from burns to hair regrowth. Take a small amount of Aloe, mixed with olive oil, and massage it deep down into the roots of your hair. If you can, place a towel on your head, or pillow, and leave on overnight. Then rinse in the morning, you should see a difference nearly immediately with the glow and luster of your hair. Aloe helps the skin and follicles repair themselves naturally.

So, there you have four excellent, all-natural, very inexpensive and easy to do hair regrowth remedies that can easily be done in the comfort of your own home. It should be pointed out that maintaining a proper diet, high in fruits and vegetables, low in saturated fat, with plenty of vitamins and minerals is essential for growing hair and maintaining your overall health as well.