Effective Hair Loss Solutions for Adult Men

Hair loss occurs when hair is lost from either the body or the scalp and is commonly referred to as ‘Baldness’. Men find hair loss to be an embarrassing concern that can often lead to psychological problems such as low self esteem and lowered confidence levels.

Tricologists now state that premature balding in men has now become more of a common trend than it was previously a rarity. It has additionally been revealed that baldness is now more commonly related to lifestyle habits rather than bad luck or genetics.

Men are now known to start going bald as early as their twenties and this is a profound leap from previous generations. The previous generations only experienced balding well into their forties or even older. This modern day causes hair loss in a number of forms and many individuals experience sudden and often unexpected hair loss issues. A recent discussion held on ‘hair growth technology’ in Mumbai stated that the four common causes for hair loss are:

-Poor nutrition or bad dietary choices

-Pollution or exposure to high pollution areas


-Depression and stress


It has been proven that when an individual experiences a highly stressful incident, the body will react by shedding hair within a period of two to three months, these stressful incidents can often include car accidents, job loss, death of a loved one, divorce or other job related stressful environments.

In addition, dietary changes or a change of environment that causes stress to the body on a mental or psychological level can cause hair loss. The strands of hair are made up of minerals and when an imbalance occurs in the body these minerals can break down or disintegrate. Enzymes changes in the hair follicle can lead to problems either prohibiting new growth or slowing down grow patterns.

‘Male Pattern’ Baldness

MPB (Male Pattern Baldness) is a form of what is known as androgenetic alopecia and can account for 95% of hair that is lost in adult men. Studies have revealed that two thirds of the male population will experience some degree of hair loss. Men by the age of 60 increase their rate of hair loss up to 85%.

It has been said that men who are diagnosed with MPB will usually start to show symptoms of thinning hair or hair loss before the age of 21.


There are some definite life style habits or practices that many men are known to indulge in that are related to hair loss. Chemical treatments and hot oil therapies are known to weaken the hair follicles and strands which can lead to premature hair loss. Men who use styling aids such as hair gels and waxes can also experience hair loss after years of use. Constant use of hair dyes can also contribute to hair loss problems.

Other factors relating to hair loss can include long term use of certain types of oral contraceptives. These contraceptives can cause hormonal imbalances which are directly linked to hair thinning or hair loss problems in adult males.

Poor Nutrition

Men who follow diets that are low in protein can experience hair loss. This is due to the body using available protein for other essential uses such as rebuilding cells and the hair is deprived of these essential nutrients.

There are many ways that men can find effective hair loss solutions. However, the four important aspects to look at will, always include stress levels, nutrition, vices and exposure to areas that experience high pollution levels. Changing one’s diet and taking extra supplementation can promote a way to stop hair loss issues.