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Natural Hair Growth

Thick, lustrous and healthy. Do these words describe the hair on your head? Most women and even men would like to say yes. Having a healthy head of hair not only attracts but speaks mountains about us just by a glance. The market is flooded with products to help all individuals retain, enhance and produce… Read More »

Tips for Growing Thicker Hair

If you are like many people, you want to have thick, lush hair. The problem many people run into is that they do not know the best way to accomplish this. Having thick hair is something that will take a change of thinking on your part. You will need to look at both the internal… Read More »

Eliminate Baldness

For the most part, people have been problem solvers. When a problem arises, someone will set out to find a solution for it. The article below will let you in on some of the solutions available for the loss of hair. A great tip you can use when dealing with balding is to start cutting… Read More »